Saturday, January 3, 2015

Great Real Estate Agents Believe in Professional Development Everyday of Their Career

I've met some really wonderful real estate brokers, agents and managers over the years, in addition to many real estate related ancillary business people who have inspired me by their conviction, dedication, and passion for the real estate business. 

As we begin the new year 2015 with new goals, inspirations, and challenges, I thought it would be a great place to repeat parts of a post I’ve edited each year, by outlining what I think are some of the attributes  of those  professionals who are contributing to our industry. 

This list is by no means complete, I'm sure some of you can contribute additional thoughts and ideas. Hopefully this will give you something to use as a guide for 2015, to begin outlining strategies and tactics to put into action, which will bless you with the best year ever 2015.

1.  They have high standards for customer service, professionalism and ethics in the real estate industry. They are committed to improve this industry.

2.  They are committed to success, their career, and education by staying abreast of the latest trends that can help them reach the next level and the competitive edge through their ongoing education. 

3.  They contribute to their industry by getting involved on a local, state and national level of their Association of Realtors, their company, and the community they live and work in.

4.  They have core principles of sharing with others about systems, tools and other ideas that benefit our industry.

5.  They Use the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust

6.  They are quick to identify and embrace innovation that will enhance their business and they adapt to the complex challenges in the marketplace.

7. They position themselves to effectively deal with the trends and the shifts in the market and stay ahead of the knowledge curve. The real estate industry is in a constant state of evolution and change. 

8.  They establish goals to deliver quality service, streamline operations, and integrate new technology that provides outstanding value to the consumer.

9.  They are solution oriented toward the challenges of our industry and can navigate the challenges in our market and approach them with a positive and professional attitude, not professing to be savvy in segments of the market that they lack education. (Examples; Foreclosures, short sales, commercial, investment properties) These clients should be referred to those who specialize in those areas. 

10.  They engage prospective clients rather than sell to them. Real estate needs to be transparent.  Transparency creates an environment of trust, in addition to open, honest, and respectful communication. It provides a balanced and accurate story of what is happening in the real estate market.

11.  They offer Value Added Services with ‘today’s’ marketing and business models providing a brand & position that meets the needs of the e-consumer. 

12.  They are results oriented and responsive to those seeking their service with business strategies to improve their performance, realizing that consumers drive the industry.

13.  They use savvy marketing techniques with technology, combined with local knowledge that educates consumers, and are willing to knuckle down and really put in the hours needed to establish an Internet presence that differentiates their business from its competitors.

14.  They understand that real estate is local and know their market, by staying abreast to industry issues, trends, news, community information about restaurants, services, parks, things to do, and all the many services you should expect from your Realtor.

15.  They keep the consumer informed of Stats, reports, market updates, and information that pertain to local government and development projects by Blogging on such subjects.

Remember, real estate is a contact sport, a people business, and results driven. Consumers want to do business with those whom they like and trust. Go build relationships and be the best at what you do.
"Expect the Best" Mike


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